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HQMOULD is a famous high-end plastic mould manufacturer in China, which was founded in 1973 by the first batch of professional mould engineers in China. Red Flag has always adhered to the core value of "Achievement of others, achievement of self", and treats employees in the same way. We attach importance to talents, love talents, pay attention to the quality of red flag people training and work ability training, adhere to the talent of the people. To provide employees with fair competition for promotion opportunities and work environment, to ensure that employees dedicate their talents at the same time have their own share of the harvest, and share the wealth of the enterprise, common development and progress! With the continuous development and growth of the company, now the following talents are sincerely recruited for the society.

Mould engineer

职位描述:More than 8 years experience in plastic mold manufacturing, more than 2 years experience in group leader


1.Have active learning ability and leadership ability
2.Able to read 2D drawings and understand mold 3D
3.Specific salary is negotiable

Overseas sales manager

职位描述:Responsible for sales of plastic moulds and other foreign business, maintaining major platforms, participating in domestic and international exhibitions, and being able to develop new customers independently.


1.Rich experience in foreign trade, familiar with the mold and machinery industry
2.Have certain development follow-up experience and exhibition experience
3.Familiar with operating B2B foreign trade platform and social platform
4.Fluent in spoken English, CET4 or above

Domestic sales manager

职位描述:Responsible for selling plastic moulds domestic business, developing new markets, visiting customers and maintaining old customers, etc.


1.Require some experience in sales of injection moulds, machinery industry or plastic products
2.Good verbal and interpersonal communication skills, good at capturing customer needs
3.Skilled use of basic office software
4.Can adapt to travel to deveplop the market

※ 加班补贴、交通补贴、节日礼物、定期体检、年终奖等 
※ 依法享有年休假、产假、哺乳假、丧假、婚假等法定假日
※ 年度聚餐、旅游聚会、培训拓展等不定期活动
※ 优美舒适的办公环境、愉悦的工作氛围