Auto Parts Mould

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Auto mold is the most important part of the cover mold. Such molds are mainly Die. "Auto mold" in the broad sense is the general term for all parts of the mold manufacturing cars. For example, stamping dies, injection molds, forging dies, casting wax, glass molds. Of course, not only have a car on the car body stamping. All automotive stamping dies are called "automotive stamping dies." Is summed up

1 Auto mold is a general term for all parts of the mold manufacturing cars.
2 Auto mold is punching die stamping die stamping on all cars.
3 car body stamping dies are stamped automotive car body stamping dies for all.
4. Automotive panel stamping die stamping car bodies are all covered parts of the mold.

Auto mould is the important series of the plastic mould in HQMOULD Company , based on the design and manufacture of automobile panel dies, gages, assembly and welding fixtures mainly for body development services, with full body and equipment design and manufacturing capabilities of high-tech enterprises. The vast majority of domestic customers covering joint venture brands and independent brands, while providing mold development and manufacturing services for GM, Ford, Fiat, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Renault, Land Rover and many other internationally renowned automotive mould Group.