Welcome to HQmould


HQMOULD is the leading top manufacturer of plastic injection mould, it was created by the first batch of domestic professional mold engineers in 1973. HQ has always adhered to the " Make people better is also make us better " as its core values , treat employees as well. We focus on talent, love people, pay attention to the quality of training and the ability to work the cultivation of talent, adhere to the best use. We offer a fair chance to compete for employees, in order to ensure that employees devote the same time have their share of the harvest, sharing and corporate wealth, common development and progress! As the company continues to grow and develop, we are now opening with the following positions:

Fitter Leader


1. Specialized in plastic mold manufacturing more than eight years, the head of more than 2 years experience.
2. Positive learning and leadership skills.
3. Able to read 2D drawings and molds 3D.

Overseas Tooling Sales

Responsibility:Responsible for sales of plastic mold overseas business, maintaining B2B platform, participating in exhibitions at home and abroad, independently develop new customers.

1.Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills in Chinese and English.
2.Basic knowledge of plastic injection tool.
3.Experienced sales preferred.

Domestic Tooling Sales

Responsibility:Responsible for sales of plastic mold domestic business, develop new markets, visiting customers and maintain old customers and so on.

1. You'd better have sales experience in injection mold, machinery or plastic products.
2. Good language skills and interpersonal skills. You are good at grasping customer requirements.
3. Skilled use basic office software.
4. You can fit on a business trip .

※ Overtime allowance, traffic allowance, holiday gifts , regular medical examinations , year-end bonus, etc.
※ Annual leave, maternity leave, funeral leave and marital leave aligning with the Chinese Labor Law.
※ Annual dinner, group tour and development training programs and other irregular activities.
※ A pleasant working environment and working atmosphere.