Pallet Mould

Pallet moulds are used for facilitate cargo handling, transportation, storage and distribution. It is a load surface that can load hundreds of the goods, but also is constitute a forklift used when handling the socket plate. It is the the most humble in logistics industry, but you can see it everywhere.

Due to the rapid development of trade, the rapid expansion of the logistics scale. This is why the the total demand in the pallets kept growing. In logistics, the most common is plastic pallet mould, wooden pallets and steel pallets.

1. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallet mould have a better integrity and much clean and hygienic than wooden pallets. In the course of plastic pallets, it is lightweight, non-Sting, acid, no qualitative change, easy to clean, etc.

2. Compared with steel pallets, in corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and pallet prices these three aspects, plastic pallet mold are better. However, in the average life expectancy and the use of performance those two parts, they are comparable.

3. The most important point is that the material of the plastic pallet mould can be recycled.

Under impact on mold production(the design of complex, expensive), plastic pallets structure and size randomness poor, but producers must continue to develop,

In this case, our company is a good choice. We have a dedicated technical staff to answer your doubts.

Zhejiang Hongqi Plastic Mold factory (H.Q. Mold) is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection mold and specialized in developing, designing producing and so on for many years. The workers, working for us for more than ten years, is Using CAD / CAE / CAM system for plastic mold designing, modeling, programming. And because of those favorable conditions, we won the praise of governments and related professionals.

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